AT&T and Apple bring back iPhone in-home Activation

AT&T and Apple have finally brought back iPhone in-home activation just in time for Christmas. This is the full activation process, not just some kind of “pre-activation” mess like before.

Now you can buy the iPhone online, have it shipped to your house, and plug into your computer to activate it through iTunes.

This is great news for people who wanted to give more than a gift card as a present. Now you can actually give a real, honest to goodness, iPhone. As long as it’s a new account – existing customers wishing to upgrade still have to venture into the store.

Now – who wants to put money on iTunes completely crashing and being unusable on Christmas day from all the new iPhone users, and iPod owners trying to download songs, games, movies, tv shows, Apps, AND active their phones?

Anyone remember the original iPhone launch? Should be fun.



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  1. Let’s hope they keep the at home activation available through the launch of the next generation iPhone. I really don’t want to have to go to an AT&T store to purchase it and deal with those idiots.

  2. Does this mean i can get an iphone from an apple store without activating it in the store (or at all) where can a find an official confirmation ?