Apple Joins The Twitter Bandwagon To Promote iTunes

Apple is embracing Twitter with open arms to promote new content on iTunes.

Apple’s first official Twitter account, @iTunesTrailer was registered last March and now Apple has registered the following Twitter accounts: @iTunesMusic, @iTunesMovies, @iTunesTV and @iTunesPodcasts.

You can follow these accounts now on Twitter to get the latest from iTunes. As of now, @iTunesPodcast seem to be the more active account with 44 tweets.

Creating niche Twitter accounts for the different content of iTunes is a great move by Apple as compared to making a general @iTunes Twitter account. You can just imagine the influx of tweets if that’s the case. Spam, much?

While on the subject of Apple embracing social media, iTunes also has a Facebook Fan Page.

Lia Espina


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