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A few weeks ago, I reviewed OmniFocus for Mac, a powerful GTD tool for your desktop of laptop. Once I had a copy of OmniFocus in hand, I knew that I had to try the mobile versions. My tasks always seem to come to mind when I’m walking somewhere, far away from my computer. By having a way to add a task on the go, the system comes full circle. The Omni Group gave me a download code for a free copy of OmniFocus for iPad and OmniFocus for iPhone. Once those were installed, I decided to test out the system.

My biggest problem with my previous GTD system, Daylite, what the syncing system. Although it has powerful project management tools, Daylite really needs to be installed on a server somewhere for frequent updates. OmniFocus is much more user friendly. Once you establish where you want to sync your database, just assign the iPhone app to the same destination and you’re golden. You have three options: MobileMe, Bonjour, or WebDAV, so pick your poison and go from there. For me, MobileMe made the most sense, and within just a few minutes I had all my tasks updated and on the go.

The syncing system fires up once the app is opened on the iPhone, which could be a pain if you just wanted to hammer in an entry. Fortunately, there’s a quick entry button available at any time, making it easy to enter tasks. No worries at all.

In my opinion, the iPhone version is best used as a desktop companion so that you can sync on the go, and not really as an independent module. But that’s really how I work, and others may find it best to go  with the iPhone version solo. It’s a bit pricey at $19.99, but it’s so versatile that it’s worth the price.

Whenever I write these reviews, I always think to myself that people think I give high ratings because the program was free.That isn’t the case here, nor is it in any of my reviews. Not only has program changed my life for the better, I find myself using it every single day to get things done. To me, that means a lot.

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