Apple fixes iMac “freeze” issue with Graphics Firmware Update


Those of you that have been having freezing problems with your new iMacs can rest easy. Yesterday Apple released “iMac Graphics Firmware Update 1.0”, which corrects the freezing problem on 20 and 24inch iMacs with 2600 PRO graphics processors.

According to MacRumors forum members this update is the real deal, and fixes the freezing problem completely, even with greatly effected iMacs. You can find the patch via Software Update.



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  1. Whew thats a relief. My work is going to be getting me one of these, but when they heard about this they decided to hold back on it, hopefully now I can get my nice 24″ mm glossy black and glass, its like crack for nerds.

  2. Well, I had not that much freezing problems but much pixel glitches on my desktop. After I installed the update my iMac freezed and I had more pixel problems as before – its now in repair – they told me to replace the video card. For me, this fix didn’t helped me 🙁