Apple documentation states “Snow Leopard” is Intel Only


A screen capture of the PDF-based requirements document included on the Snow Leopard disc has surfaced online, and the documentation states that in order to install Snow Leopard, developers must have a Mac computer with an “Intel Processor” and at minimum 512MB of RAM.

Now, its always possible that this document could be faked, but I doubt it. If you’re a developer and you can confirm or un-confirm this, please contact me. You can be sure that your identity will remain private.

Thanks to Jack for sending this in.



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  1. The CPU processing power needed for each successive release has been inching to later and later power pc chips. It’s not surprising that it will finally pass them up.

  2. that image of the “Snow Leopard” gets me every time… 🙂
    It looks like something you’d see on the paneled wall of a double-wide, right next to the velvet painting of Elvis playing poker with the dogs at the Last Supper.

    On a serious note…
    OS X “snow leopard” could be a good thing. Though it may leave out some people who are running “older” machines if the end result is a better “new” product for apple then it’s all for the greater good.