Apple Cufflinks – I can’t decide if they’re awesome…or really lame

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I don’t own any Apple logo merchandise, and I don’t have Apple stickers on my car. Increasingly, I am seeing more of those types of things around my local area, though. Today, a reader sent in this image of some Apple Cufflinks that are available from Beaujangles.

I can’t decide if I think they’re awesome – or completely lame. I also can’t decide how big of a loser it makes me to use those two words. Regardless, you can get them for $50 if you like them.

I probably won’t.

Thanks to Ronald for sending this in.

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5 thoughts on “Apple Cufflinks – I can’t decide if they’re awesome…or really lame

  1. I will think it twice before going for that:
    -First I don’t wear Cufflinks
    -Second, isn’t it bad to have an inverted Apple logo? I think yes.
    Nevertheless it had been nice to see it Michael.

  2. Who in the heck wears them anymore? I think an ear stud with a diamond in the middle would have been a better choice; lol.

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