Aliph releases second-gen Jawbone

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Today Aliph, the creators of the Jawbone – one of the most popular iPhone accessory bluetooth headsets, have announced the release of the second generation Jawbone.

The new Jawbone headset is 50% smaller than its predecessor, and features what the company is calling “Noise Assassin” technology, which transmits 90% less noise than competing headsets.

“In creating the new Jawbone we focused on improving our audio performance beyond the market-leading noise solution that we already had, and elevating the design to a point where it would appeal to a broad range of consumers who would love to wear it,” said Hosain Rahman, CEO and co-founder of Aliph. “Jawbone provides amazing audio quality in a form factor that is a true lifestyle accessory – it’s a new and complete departure from the typical gadgetry of the Bluetooth category.”

“When Aliph and AT&T launched the original Jawbone, a new standard was set for voice quality and design in Bluetooth headsets,” said Carlton Hill, vice president of Product Management, Voice Products and Affiliate Marketing for AT&T’s wireless unit. “Given the market response to the original Jawbone, we are thrilled to work with Aliph again to launch the new Jawbone – which once again promises to be one of the most innovative headsets in the marketplace.”

The company is also taking steps to market the product as a fashion accessory along the lines of an ear ring or necklace, calling it “earwear”. It is made with medical grade plastic and other premium materials to make it aesthetically pleasing when worn.

You can find out more info on the new Jawbone, including product demos at

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  1. @Phil

    Have you ever tried one? It’s pretty amazing. While I do think $140 is a lot, I don’t really feel like its over priced for what it is capable of doing.

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