Airport Extreme update adds USB Hard Drive back-up function


Yesterday’s Time Machine/Airport update finally activated a feature that just about everyone has been waiting for. You can now attach a USB external hard drive to your Airport Extreme and back up your files wirelessely from any Mac on the network. Essentially, it makes your Airport Extreme and an external USB drive into your very own Time Capsule.

This feature is one that Apple began promoting long before the official release of Leopard. Prior to launch, however, the feature mysteriously disappeared, and we didn’t see or hear about it again until Apple launched the Time Capsule product. It’s good to see them add this back in as an option for current Airport Extreme owners.



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  1. This isnt exactly about the same thing but i just heard CNN talking about a rumor ITUNES is going FREE

    something because nokia is.. I didnt catch the full thing didnt know if you know anymore of what is going on

  2. I still can’t get Time Machine to work with my 2Wire wireless router and LeCie networked drive. PPpppfffttt!!
    Is this just for Airport Extreme or USB drives or both?

  3. Can you share the Airport Extreme usb with a usb backup drive and a multifunction printer at the same time?