Adult swim presents the “Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition” App

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A mid-air collision results in a reindeer being sucked into Dr. Alan Probe’s private jet’s engine, causing a bloody mess at the North Pole! The surgeon’s services are needed to scalpel his way to Santa, or else there will be no Christmas!

The ingenious makers at the adult swim games division have come up with an addictively fun free game application for the iPhone: “Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition.” The full version of the game does not cost a nickel, and the five difficult levels are good practice for the medical school scholar, or just bloody anatomy hobbyists in general.

Shrapnel has scattered across the inhabitants of the gift littered North Pole, and the player has to engage dying patients, as an amateur surgeon would. The moron better known as Dr. Probe is left to pick up the pieces, or rather the body parts, and more importantly perform surgery to the elves and company, which leads up to saving a dying Santa Clause.

The game is instantly funny, as anything from the adult swim network should be, enjoyable, bloody, and engaging. The first patient is an elf damaged by flying candy canes, Christmas lights and more objects that have become embedded in his body. The player must carefully conduct a surgery using objects found at hand to slice, bleed, cauterize and patch up the patient before death ruins Christmas for everyone. This game is hilarious, witty and fun! Happy Holidays!

Grade: A

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