Adobe Mobile brings photo editing we needed yesterday

If you’re looking forward to tracing and working with layers on your mobile photos, well you might be disappointed. In that sense, Photoshop Mobile isn’t what it is implied to be from the very mention of the brand. You see, once you stick in the word “Photoshop” there are several implications to what you can do.


That aside, Photoshop Mobile is easily a brainless purchase. Every iPhone and iPod touch should have a copy because it compensates for the lack of on the fly editing software built into the iPhone. What it is, essentially is a mobile version of iPhoto, allowing you to crop and rotate your images, apply pre-made effects such as “vibrant”, “black and white”, “borders”, “vignette”, “rainbow” … you get the drift. You can also manually adjust the exposure, saturation and tint.

Photoshop Mobile also allows access to, which means that apart from linking your Flickr, Facebook and Photobucket accounts to some sort of “iPhoto online,” you can also add your mobile uploads. On a personal note, I’m still having issues with the photo uploads and online sync. Maybe it’s because I’m not from the USA — registering for the site had multiple errors if you try to register via mobile, but it works fine from the Photoshop website. So if you’re experiencing problems logging on from your iPhone, use the web version first to register.

[Download Link: Mobile]


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