Adobe Creative Suite 3 confirmed for March 27 – Ad campaign begins

Adobe is billing the release of Creative Suite 3 as “the largest software release in Adobe’s 25-year history” according to Apple Insider. Adobe will be celebrating the global launch of the event via a live webcast at 8:30 pm UK time on March 27, 2007.

While the company has remained “hush hush” on the specific features and applications that are coming with CS3, they have started a small teaser campaign via a UK based website, and the teaser video below.

The teaser hints at a focus on colaboration across multiple users, but little else is known about the plans for CS3 at this time.

Apple Gazette Team
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  1. i guess the colors symbolize the different apps (so if one would go to the labor of counting how many colors the cubes have, we get the number of included apps) and the shoving around the interoperability between the different apps/file formats and easy networking between multiple clients.

    or something.

    actually i don’t care that much, just give me photoshop and dreamweaver. editing websites in rosetta-weaver is such a pain in the butt that i installed parallels solely for that.