5 Ways to Twitter your Brains out on your Mac

twitter.jpgTwitter is kind of exploding…maybe you’ve heard of it. If not…let me explain…Twitter is…um…well…kinda hard to explain. Basically the point of Twitter is to answer one simple question… “What are you doing?”

It’s almost like a micro blog that exists so friends can keep in touch with you, or so readers can find out what you’re doing every minute of every day…I know that sounds terrifying…but it’s actually a lot of fun, and highly addictive. So addictive in fact, that people have been creating widgets and stand alone apps to make “tweeting” easier and more fun.

If you want, you can join me on Twitter by clicking here. Then you can use any of the five apps listed below to tweet your brains out!

Twidget – Twidget is exactly what you whould think that it is…it’s a Dashboard Widget for Twittering.

TwitterPost – TwitterPost is a stand alone application that has a lot of advanced features for enhancing your Twittering experience.

Twitterlex – Twitterlex is another Dashboard widget with a slightly different interface tahn Twidget. This one also shows you other posts, and is more like Twitterific.

Twitterific – Twitterific is my favorite stand alone application for Twitter, and is made by the great team over at the Iconfactory. This application is slick looking, easy to use, and a lot of fun.

Adium – You can use any instant messenger with Twitter, but Adium is my favorite Mac client, so I chose to highlight it.

There are other Twitter enhancing sites as well, like Twitterholic, which ranks people with the most followers…now, I’m not usually one for wanting to be on Top 100 lists…but I REALLY, REALLY want to be on this list…so if you’re going to give Twitter a try…follow me, and help me achieve my stupid goal of being on this list! I promise to befriend as many of you as I can. 🙂

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  1. For terminal and especially GeekTool users out there, I just threw together some code tonight and with a little help got it to fly. Now my desktop is adorned with my twitter timeline as well as GT spitting out the top tweet to growl for me. I had alot of trouble with the various apps when Twitter’s servers get bogged (all too often) but using curl seems to be no problem, as curl is a very patient utility. You can check out the details here: https://theappleblog.com/community/general-banter/578-twitter-what-do-you-think/4/#post7293

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