27-inch LED Cinema Display Available Now

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After quite a bit of waiting, the new 27-inch LED Cinema Display is available now for purchase at the Apple Store online, and it’s shipping in 1-2 weeks. So what’s the big deal?

First off, the monitor itself is pretty amazing. 2560X1440 resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio isn’t too bad. Then combine the LED light source, which means it’s quick and doesn’t take time to warm up like other monitors. It also has a built-in iSight camera, speakers, microphone, and a USB hub built in. This is all great if you have a Mac Mini or Mac Pro, but if you have a MacBook Pro, it also comes with a MagSafe connector so that you don’t have to hook up yet another plug for your power adapter.

This isn’t a bargain basement item at $999, but it’s the monitor many people with MacPros have been looking for. Me, I’d like a pair of these hooked up to a Mac Pro, but I haven’t quite hit the lottery yet.

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