New iPod Games – Sonic the Hedgehog and Peggle

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Sega today released a port of the original Sega Genisis classic, Sonic the Hedgehog for 5th Gen iPods, iPod Classics and 3rd Gen iPod Nanos. While this is probably the 70th release of this game (it is available on just about every mobile platform you can imagine, plus most consoles, on Gametap, and more), it is interesting to not because it is a very complicated game to play on something like an iPod. It should be interesting to see if it really works.

Also released recently is Peggle from Pop Cap Games. I mention it, because I have the PC version of this game (which I play in Windows XP using VM Ware’s Fusion), and I love it. It’s a fantastic casual game that is perfect for the iPod. If you’re going to download one game for the iPod line, I would suggest that it be Peggle.

Click Here to check them out in iTunes

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