YouTube to be H.264 not Flash on AppleTV – iPod and iPhone to follow?

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logo_youtube.gifI actually mentioned this yesterday on the podcast, but since it’s making the rounds this morning, I thought I would write something up briefly about it…

The reason that YouTube isn’t available on the AppleTV immediately is because all of the video from YouTube is being transcoded to H.264. This is great news, since we’ll be seeing higher quality video of kids talking into their webcams about how hard life is…and you know, to get the FULL angst effect, you need to see the details my friends…

But seriously, there is a lot of speculation running rampent today that this could mean YouTube on the iPod and iPhone…now, while I can see it making sense on the iPhone (what with it having the interweb an all), I don’t really see this happening for the iPod….unless WiFi enabled, Internet connected iPods are coming down the pipe. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “YouTube to be H.264 not Flash on AppleTV – iPod and iPhone to follow?

  1. I wonder if they will replace the site content with the H.264 versions, or keep the flash ones. It doesn’t make sense to keep both.

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