YouTube Find: Rolando iPhone Game Trailer

One of the most interesting things about the iPhone to me is the different ways that developers are looking at it to produce applications. Games in particular. Obviously Super Monkey Ball was made for the iPhone…I don’t think there could be a more authentic way to play that title than the iPhone way of doing so.

But I’m much more interested in Indy developers and what they’re going to do with the iPhone in the near future. One such developer, Simon Oliver, has already created a very interesting game called “Rolando” for the iPhone that looks very interesting.

The game is a physics based platformer/puzzler which seems to have some heavy influence from games like Katamair Damacy, LocoRoco, and Kirby’s Canvas Curse. It’s an interesting mix, and I’m looking forward to trying it out as soon as its available.

You can find more out about the game right here.

Thanks to Keith for sending this in (via TUAW).



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