YouTube Find: Jobs Announces iPhone UK

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Video of the UK only special event from yesterday has made its way onto YouTube. In it, you get a chance to see the first UK iPhone ads which are almost identical to the US ads, except they appear to feature different children in the email photos, a different site that I couldn’t quite make out in the Safari demo, and – of course – a British voice actor.

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2 thoughts on “YouTube Find: Jobs Announces iPhone UK

  1. I think the “Times” substitute is the Guardian Website in the UK ad.
    Now what the hell was “Mum is no longer the word” all about?

  2. seeing as “mum’s the word” is an idiom for “don’t tell anything”, and steve told us something… mum is no longer the word. 😛

    silly title for a press conference? yes. especially since there was no big secret being revealed at all.

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