YouTube Find: cNet iPhone Vs. Nokia N95

cNet takes a look at how the iPhone measures up next to the new Nokia N95…



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  1. they neither mentioned that the n95 packs gps to boot nor did the review include the fact that there is now a 3g version headed to the american market. also, in my opinion too many points were given to the iphone for technologically irrelevant features (or at least features that can only be judged subjectively).

    soooo, what am i getting at? yes, i’d take an n95 over an iphone any day, but only if someone would be crazy enough to give one to me for free. because i’d never put down the amount of dough both of them require 🙂

  2. I haven’t gotten my hands on an n95 but all I could think while she was holding up is it looked eerily similar to the remote my grandparents had for their TV in ’84. It looks huge.

    Trust me I love the Nokia phones, i just spent three years with the 6600 which was an amazing phone. But I did purchase the iPhone and haven’t regretted it once.