Video: What the iPhone SHOULD look like this time next year

This (presumably hacked) iPhone has multiple pages of icons, and features Leopard-like Stacks as well. This, to me, is exactly where we should be seeing the iPhone going after Apple releases the SDK for it early next year.

Right now it’s complete speculation on just how the SDK will work, and if everyone will be happy with it (I can already tell you they won’t – “everyone” is never happy), but this video here is exactly what I would like my unhacked iPhone to look like next year.



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  1. Why is it that every tech video on the web has to have this type of music to accompany it? 😛

    Bad taste in music aside, it looks cool, although I can’t really tell a whole lot by this video. What’s with Terminal on the iPhone? And I don’t understand the need for a burn icon either??? I guess if you don’t want to be burdened by a notebook or desktop computer…