VIDEO: Humor – BEST “Lap Top Hunters” Video YET!

This parody video from is slightly NSFW, so keep that in mind before you do (there is a bull crap, and a few slight swears in it…so don’t get yourself in trouble on my account), but is BY FAR, the best and most accurate “Laptop Hunters” video yet.





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  1. 🙂
    Actually, I have to, on a rare occasion, agree with the MS (ugh) ads — Macs really are more expensive, and senselessly (I think, unless it really costs that much to make it green, or bundle an iCam, or something).
    But MS software is crap, you’re right. I’m never leaving my Mac OS/Linux combination.

  2. @Mirek2

    I had the same decision to make earlier this year.

    I chose a mac – it’s more money, but thinking about all the time and stress, the mac saved me, the choice was obvious.