VIDEO: Diggnation Fight – LG vs. iPhone

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On this week’s Diggnation, Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht got into an arguement over if the new LG KE850 and the iPhone were seperated at birth. You can see the video below…

Ok…now, let’s talk about this. I agree that the phones are similar in size, and concept, but they’re not exactly the same…and really, when you’re talking about a full touchscreen phone that’s black…how much more different could these two products get?

If you want to nit pick, Apple’s iPhone has a home button, where LGs has a silver button/bar things across the bottom of it. The iPhone has a silver rim around it with a silver back, and the LG phone does not.

I’m not sure how much more different the devices could get. The OSes are going to be completely different….I’d really like to see more about the LG phone, though. It may be a great alternative for fans of the iPhone that can’t (or won’t) switch to Cingular…but until the LG phone is a Video iPod, Phone, and a full-blown web browser with “pinch” zoom…I’m still sticking with the iPhone.

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Diggnation Fight – LG vs. iPhone

  1. Obviously, the 2 phones look pretty much alike. However, like Kevin, and probably many other Mac users, said that it’s the inside that matters, the functionality of the phone and what it can do.

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