Steve Ballmer talks ‘Silverlight’ on iPhone (what a moron)


At a Keynote at Microsoft’s Mix Conference yesterday afternoon, Steve Ballmer responded to a question from the audience about Silverlight appearing on the iPhone. He said the idea is certainly “interesting.” Then proceeded to be an idiot.

He expressed concern over the fact that Apple was taking a 30% cut from applications sold through the iPhone App Store. He suggested that Apple might charge Microsoft similarly to have Silverlight on the iPhone saying: “It sure seems like they’re trying to charge a whole lot more money for it,” he said. “Maybe Apple isn’t welcoming open and royalty-free runtimes on it.”

Which, of course, is completely stupid.


Because Apple clearly stated yesterday that freeware will be available through the App Store AT NO COST TO THE DEVELOPER!!!

Dear LORD – I just wish that ONCE…just ONCE…that this man would think before he speaks!



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  1. I know, right? Do the research you idiot. I can’t stand that guy, What a moron. We can only hope and pray that he runs Microsoft into the ground.

    “… they’re trying to charge a whole lot more money for it…” – that sounds great coming from a company that charges like $400 for a crappy OS and $300 for a crappy office suite. Overcharge much?

  2. It seems that the higher the rank of a corporate guy, the fewer the bullet points get read. So Ballmer only gets one bullet point: “Apple released the iPhone SDK.”

    I think this is from a Dilbert comic or two.