‘SmartMoney’ fabricates Apple/Adobe feud over Flash on iPhone

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You know, I follow Apple happenings pretty closely – in fact, I happen to write about every day. So I think I know a little about who Apple is an isn’t “feuding” with – and this article by SmartMoney has me completely perplexed. In it, the writer claims that Apple stock has taken a hit because of an ongoing feud with Adobe over Flash being on the iPhone.

This issue has been clearly addressed by Apple when the iPhone was first released, saying that they were working on getting the flash player to work effectively on the iPhone. Later, Gear Live claimed that this was a fabrication and that is was a business move on Apple’s part to negotiate with Adobe.

That, followed by a response on an Adobe blog that they didn’t know when it was coming to the iPhone appears to be the basis for this entire speculative article that seems to essentially be making up a story about an on going feud between the two companies.

While Apple and Adobe obviously have competing products, I do not believe for one second that there is a “feud” happening between them – and I seriously doubt that is keeping the flash player off the iPhone. I’m betting, personally, that its compatibility with mobile Safari that’s the issue – but that is speculation on my part. The real reason may be business related, but I do not believe that Apple has anything to gain by keeping the flash player off of the iPhone.

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