Skype comes to iPhone with Mixed Results

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With much fan fair, at midnight last night Skype came to the iPhone and iPod touch. Unfortunately it looks like the initial app might be a bit buggy.

Currently there are 1376 reviews for the App on iTunes, and 416 of those are 1 star reviews. That’s a pretty good chunk of people having trouble. In contrast, there are 647 5 star reviews.

So it’s working fantastically well for the people that aren’t having crashing issues.

Point being – if you are having crashing problems, you’re not alone. I can’t give it a fair test on my iPhone right now, so I’m not sure how it is functioning first hand.

Hopefully Skype will get proactive on the bugs, and we’ll get a (mostly) flawless app soon.

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5 thoughts on “Skype comes to iPhone with Mixed Results

  1. If your iDevice is jailbroken you’ll need an update through Cydia to mobilesubstrate for Skype to work properly.

  2. fan fair = fanfare. ; )

    Plus Skype is working well for me. My university blocks VOIP on their wifi networks, so no dice at school, but back at my apartment, it works like a charm. Helps save minutes when my family wants to call and talk for an hour at a time.

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