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Just a quick note. Wanted to let our readers know that ten new coupon/loyalty card/ticket sources have added Passbook compatibility. And we’ve added all of them to our comprehensive Passbook Apps List.

If you know of a Passbook-compatible app (including web apps) that’s not on this list, please let us know in the Comments area.

Also, a reminder: Every Passbook card is different, requiring different steps for you to gain access to the card. Some are retail savings cards or coupons, that you simply have to sign up for. Others represent tickets that you have to buy, like airplane or concert tickets. So each one will give you a different kind of experience. It’s one of the cooler features of Passbook, actually — that it’s so adaptable (one of today’s new entries uses Passbook as a way of sharing business cards) — but it also makes it hard to fill your Passbook with cards.

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