O2 slashes the price of the iPhone

Wireless carrier OS and Carphone Warehouse have slashed the price of Apple’s 8 GB iPhone in the UK, only adding fuel to the speculative fire that a new iPhone is just around the corner.

02 cut the price of the least expensive iPhone by 100 GBP on Tuesday. The device now costs 169 GBP or $333. This follows cuts by T-Mobile in Germany which slashed the iPhone down to only 99 euros with their most expensive service plan.

France’s Orange is expected to follow suite in the near future as well.

The price cuts are effective until June 1st, and only apply to the 8GB iPhone. The 16GB model remains unchanged. An Apple spokesperson stated that the company was not involved in the price cuts, and that pricing in Apple stores would remain the same.



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  1. That is completely awesome! the iphone was over-priced. I think I could just about afford this now. Brilliant news