New iPhone Apps for July 28, 2008

The App Store saw several updates over the weekend. Many updates for applications are starting to be pushed through the store – which is an issue that many developers have reportedly complained about. As the kinks continue to get ironed out of the App Store, I still find myself hopelessly addicted to it…how about you?

New and Updated Apps over the weekend include: AIM, Astromo, BibleXpress, Blackjack (3-Hand Edition), Blip Solitaire, 300 Bowl, Chopper, CubicMan Deluxe, Fizz Weather, iRetroPhone, Judo, Korebasi, LifeCast, Loan Calc, mDialog, MixMeister Scratch, Mobile Fotos, Mobile News Network, Molecules, Mondo Solitaire, Muddled, NYC Subway Maps for iPhone, Palringo Instant Messenger, Picoli, Quordy, Tips, Tipster, TN5250 Lite, Tyro Tuner, Voice Memos, Who is Hot?



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  1. Defiantly still addicted… perhaps even getting carried away.
    I’ve spent so much time with my new aps that I’ve been neglecting my video podcasts. My previous “time killer”.

  2. Hey Apple Gazette,
    Is there any way you could separate the free apps from the $ apps when you post the new ones each week? Thanks