New iPhone Apps for July 25, 2008 (BIG UPDATE)

Today there was a very large update to the App Store. Several games, a few Social Networking sites, and even some Productivity utilities have made their way into the store, giving us all kinds of stuff to play with over the weekend.

New or Updated Applications include: American Heritage Dictionary, Annotater, Avatar, CellSpin, Cookie Bonus Solitaire, Editer, Exposure, FlashMath, Fonts, Graffitio, iCandy, iChoose, iDo, Imangi, Karajan, Las Vegas Blackjack, Lingolook ITALY, NetNewsWire, Paper Football, Platinum Solitaire, Poker Timer Dealer Button, Shanghai Mahjong, SnapMyLife, The Athlete’s Calculator, The Dark Knight: HaHaHa, Tile Sudoku, Touch4: FS5, Wall Street Words, and zintin



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