Nancy Gohring says “iPhone competitors not there yet”

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iw_logo_160×30.gifIn an article published on infoworld yesterday, Nancy Gohring takes Apple competitors in the mobile phone market to task for not yet producing products of the same caliber as the iPhone.

From the article:

 While I saw a dizzying array of form factors and a multitude of user interface styles, I was unimpressed with the hardware I saw and downright confounded by the complexity of all the user interfaces.

I have to say, as a card carrying Apple Fanboy – Nancy, you’re kinda jumping the gun here.

First, we haven’t actually held an iPhone in any of our hands just yet. Until it’s released, it’s kinda hard to say it’s the greatest, and easiest to use phone in the history of time.

I share her hopes that it will be just that, and I can certainly see from her report that the phones she took a look at leave much to be desired, but I think it’s best if we all let the iPhone hype machine lay low for a little while, and focus on other things.

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