Microsoft Patent copies iPhone UI

You know, Microsoft has a history of looking at Apple stuff – saying “hey, I just got a great idea!” and starting the photocopiers. The biggest Microsoft fanboy in the world can’t even deny that fact…but they will always point out the whole Xerox thing (which even the biggest Apple fanboy can’t deny)…

My point?

They did it again….the images below, courtesy of dial-a-phone, are from a recent Microsoft patent for a (possible) Zune phone…


Can you smell the lawsuit? I can….


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  1. oh come on. what exactly are they copying here? the fact that messages are displayed one below the other? or that there are buttons above and below?

    there are things that you can’t honestly call “copying”, it’s just common sense to do things that way. there is a limit to the number of ways you can design an interface. at least ways that result in good usability.