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MGM Resorts International, a beacon in the hospitality sector, has again been thrust into the limelight, but not for its opulent offerings. The company recently grappled with a significant cybersecurity breach, affecting its primary website, online booking mechanisms, and a slew of in-casino services.

Upon detecting the anomaly, MGM Resorts immediately informed patrons and stakeholders via their profile on X (formerly Twitter). They also temporarily disabled specific systems to mitigate potential risks.

The breach’s impact was widespread:

  • Websites under the domain experienced prolonged downtime.
  • MGM Rewards members faced disruptions, with guidance provided to liaise with Member Services.
  • On-site guests reported issues like non-responsive room keys and error messages on slot machines.

Interestingly, while the MGM Rewards app faced issues, other MGM applications, such as MGM+ and the MGM Sportsbook, remained functional.

This isn’t MGM’s first cybersecurity rodeo. In 2019, they faced a breach wherein over 10 million customer records were compromised. The breach was publicly acknowledged in 2020 when the stolen data surfaced on a hacker forum.

The Las Vegas tech community has been buzzing with reactions.

Blake Schwank of Colorado Computer Support commented, “This incident underscores the importance of robust cybersecurity measures, especially for giants like MGM. It’s not just about the immediate financial implications but the long-term trust of patrons.”

Ed Anderson with Dyrand Systems, a Vancouver, Canada IT services and cybersecurity professional, weighed in, stating, “In today’s digital landscape, businesses must prioritize cybersecurity irrespective of their size. The MGM breach is a stark reminder of even established entities’ vulnerabilities.”

Glenn Kemp from Clear Concepts in Winnipeg added, “While the digital revolution has brought unparalleled conveniences, it’s also ushered in unique challenges. Businesses must be proactive, agile, and consistently updated about potential threats.”

The incident serves as a clarion call for businesses operating in the digital realm. As the tech community rallies around MGM, it’s evident that continuous education, strategic alliances, and staying informed are non-negotiables in today’s business landscape.

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