Marketcircle releases iPhoney – Simulate the iPhone web experience on your Mac


Marketcircle, the makers of Daylight Productivity Suite and Billings have released an application called iPhoney to help developers simulate the experience of using an iPhone when developing Web 2.0 applications.

You can find out how the application came to be by clicking here.

This free application is more for fun than anything else, but it should be a helpful to get a simulated look at what your iPhone app will look like in action. For those of you that aren’t planning to buy an iPhone yet, or who can’t get ahold of one at launch, but still want to develop for the platform, this is a handy free download.

Click Here to get iPhoney

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  1. Just installed the program and it’s so cool! I’ve testing one flash website and it works well. Michael, since Jobs mentioned iPhone doesn’t support Flash on the Internet, what will we see if we visited a Flash enable website?

  2. I imagine we’ll see an empty box with a flash icon in the corner. Something similar to what it looks like if you download Firefox and don’t have Flash installed, then visit a flash-based site.