iPhone WITHOUT a 2 Year Contract? Looks like it…

screenshot_03.jpgThe fourth iPhone ad that we put a YouTube video up of yesterday was very special. How so? Well, the ad was missing something the is very much worth mentioning…the blurb about a 2 Year Contract being required.

Now ALL the iPhone ads on Apple’s official website are missing the blurb.

Now, unless I’m mistaken, if you require a contract to purchase a product, then you are REQUIRED to include that information in your advertising. Having said that, I think this is a pretty clear indicator that the iPhone is going to be sold with a pre-paid service option.

Also, it’s important to remember that At&t are the ONLY pre-paid cell phone service that provides both voice and data options for customers.

Apple Gazette Team
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  1. I’ve been told by a ATT rep at a corporate store that the only exception to purchasing the iPhone without starting a new contract/upgrading is to already be in a ATT contract and not have an upgrade option available yet. Then he said the pricetag for the 4gig would be $999 (seriously).

    Yeah if I didn’t have an upgrade waiting…. I’d raise some hell for an exception upgrade.