iPhone VS. Kindle 2 OR iPhone AND Kindle 2?

The hype about the Kindle 2 has been pretty insane over the last few weeks. The addition of the Kindle for iPhone application added more fuel to the fire.

I’m interested in the Kindle – and I love my iPhone.

So are these things adversaries – or are they accomplices?

Is it Kindle VS. iPhone or Kindle AND iPhone?

We’re going to find out FIRST HAND today.

There is a Kindle currently on its way to my office as I type this. It’s in Dallas, TX right now – and on its way. It’ll be here shortly, and when it gets here I’m going to put them head to head, and use them together…just to see how this whole thing works.

Expect a full review of both the Kindle 2 and the Kindle for iPhone App very soon.


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  1. The iphone is a amazing piece of hardware but the kindle have a specific usage. i don’t think you need to remove one of the equation