iPhone Software Spotlight – Moonlight Mahjong

There are a ton of Mahjong games for the iPhone. Almost all of them are the traditional top view Mahjong games that have been on PCs. Macs, and mobile devices for a decade or more.

Moonlight Mahjong is different than all of those. This game is a completely immersive 3D version of Mahjong…and sure, there have been 3D versions of Mahjong before – but I don’t believe any of them have ever been quite like this.

This game starts you out in an overhead view of your Mahjong tiles, but you quickly find that you can pinch and zoom your way closer. Once you start experimenting with different multi-touch gestures you’ll find that you can move around the board with complete freedom in a way that no other game that I’ve played on the iPhone yet allows.

The game’s graphics are wonderful, with the tiles looking sharp and clear, and the 3D acceleration is smooth as well. There is a free version of this game to download and try, but if you like it – you can also drop $4.99 on a full version that is worth every penny.



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