iPhone Plans Update – Existing Customer Rates!!

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When I saw the “Existing Customers” tab on the iPhone rates page on Apple’s site, my heart sank for a second…I thought I was about to get screwed…but NOPE…this looks great….


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One thought on “iPhone Plans Update – Existing Customer Rates!!

  1. So do you have to take the existing customer plan if you are a customer or is it a option. because it would be 10 dollars cheaper for me just to take the lowest individual plan. right know my minutes are the same as the individual plan. I kinda get screwed out of ten dollars if I go with the existing customers. my plan know is 49.95 a month for 500 minutes. and if i have to add 20.00 to it that is 70.00. if I take the existing it is only 59.99.

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