This iPhone Air Concept Just Might Get Jony Ive’s Approval

iPhone 6

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While “might” is the operative word here, it is hard to deny the beauty of of this iPhone 6 concept, which may very we’ll be called the iPhone Air.

There certainly has been no lack of wants, requests, demands, speculation, and concepts when it comes to the next generation iPhone, but this iPhone Air concept by Joseph Farahi looks like something that could come out of Jony Ive’s creative cave.
iPhone 6
Sleek is the first thing that comes to mind upon seeing this concept. With 5.1 inches of edge-to-edge screen – Retina 2 no less – the iPhone Air can hold its own among those flashy telecom devices we see in science fiction TV shows and movies.

Not deviating much from other predictions, Farahi reckons that the next iPhone will have a 10-megapixel back camera that can take video at 4k. He also makes mention of a new Lightning connector, which is only new in terms of speed and not the physical pin configuration.

Enough chatter. Here’s some eye candy.


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2 thoughts on “This iPhone Air Concept Just Might Get Jony Ive’s Approval

  1. Edge to edge screens look really cool in these wishful concepts. But does anyone ever stop to think why, after years of seeing these vaporware designs, no actual phone ever has them?

    I suspect that there are significant practical reasons, including issues of manufacturability and usability, that prevent their use.

    Other ideas that sound sexy but have no practical value whatsoever are semitransparent phones and gratuitously curved screens. And then you have the wafer thin designs that would preclude a high quality camera. (There’s a reason why many phones have a bulge where the camera is.)

    I suppose it fun to dream, but don’t get your hopes up based on the renderings of artists who have no understanding of the real issues.

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