Intel apologizes for iPhone jab

An Intel representative recently blasted the iPhone – and stated that its problems were because of its ARM processor. The company, however, has backpedaled on that statement, calling them “inappropriate”.

Intel put forth an apology and then lauded the iPhone as “extremely innovative”. They also applauded the “new and exciting market opportunities” that the device has created. Intel even went so far as to say that commenting on specific customer product designs was not something that should be done.


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  1. well they better apologize because Apple makes them way too much money…and just because they want in on the market that the iPhone has taken over…they thought they should slander the iPhone…

    im sure after this persons boss heard his distasteful comments..he freaked on him

    if Apple moves back away from intel processors that will hit Intel big time and since they have their own processor plant now…Intel needs to be on their best behavior