Idiot Spends $800 for Spot at front of iPhone Line

screenshot_02.jpgDrew from TV Jab sent me this link this weekend, and it was also posted over on Forever Geek today, but I have to post it here too. This is exactly what this woman deserves for trying to rip people off on eBay selling iPhones. Her plan was to go to the store and buy $100,000 dollars worth of iPhones, and she was so confident in this plan that she bought the #1 spot in line for $800 from a guy who had been sitting there since 6:30am.

She walked into the store, her cash in hand, and was ready to buy the place out of iPhones. Unfortunately, she didn’t read the rules about At&t only being allowed to sell one per customer…

Click Here to watch and be amused.



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  1. People never cease to amaze me…I don’t know what’s worse–this idiot or the one(s) who begged for money on their blogs because they HAD to have an iPhone. Well, who’s the bigger idiot–the ones who are posting this or the people who actually contributed!?

    God help us…

  2. @Bryan –

    Where were people begging for iPhone money?

    Would that have worked for me? 🙂

    I kid…

  3. iPhone… $600
    First spot in queue… $800
    discovering the number of iphones u can buy, despite all the money in the world….