Hey Apple – Why is there no iPhone Web App for .Mac?

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Last night I was out with the wife and I discovered that I had accidentally left my iPhone at home. As you can imagine (me being an email addict and all) that this made me highly uncomfortable. After about an hour, I had to borrow my wife’s iPhone and check my email.

I went to the .mac website, eventually logged in an was able to check my email – but the whole thing was kind of a pain because the site is, of course, designed to provide a desktop-like experience for mail, and all the other services.

Now, if you go to a Web Gallery, you get an iPhone interface to view the pictures, but I really don’t understand why Apple doesn’t provide a full iPhone experience for .Mac.

Think about it – wouldn’t it be nice to check your iDisk from the car on your iPhone if you were concerned that a file might or might not be there?

Wouldn’t it be nice to only be a click or two away from your web galleries instead of 3 or 4?

Now, obviously MOST people using .Mac on an iPhone will be using it on their own iPhone so they will probably have it already configured in the mail, but it would be nice to have it on the rare occasion that you’re not around your phone, and still want to check it.

It just seems to me that Apple could put this together very quickly, and with little cost on their part, and give .Mac users a better experience when using their iPhones or iPod Touches.

What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Hey Apple – Why is there no iPhone Web App for .Mac?

  1. Sounds good to me.
    I recently created a .MAC “Group” page for my church group and it would be nice to have a iPhone interface to access that.

  2. It would be nice if .Mac could be installed
    on a Time Capsule and run from home
    with a self determined amount of size,
    instead of the 10 or 20 Gig Apple offers.

  3. I have thought for some time now that the iphone should synchronize with iCal through .Mac. It only makes since that the phone should be able to synchronize without having to be docked to a computer.

  4. Thats because Apple doesn’t care about its .Mac division. I mean why can’t they just make the iDisk an FTP so it wasn’t abnormally slow. I suppose from a business mind if they make it slow fewer will use it, they will save on space.. ugh

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