Google makes big “Voice search for iPhone” announcement…so where is it?

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This weekend Google made a lot of effort to announce an update to their Google Mobile App that includes voice search. So much so that they posted the video above on YouTube, and even had an announcement article in the New York Times. The App update was supposed to appear in the App Store as early as Friday.

Here is is Monday, and as I write this – there is still no App.

Google has even gone so far as to take down its demo video of the product (although it is still available on the “Google Channel” – and I got it from Tech Crunch), and we all know how odd Apple has been about App Approvals. Is it possible this didn’t get approved?

If so, you’d think that Google CEO, and Apple board member Eric Schmidt could get it handled, and I fully expect to see it eventually…but you have to admit, this is kind of a weird blunder on someone’s part. I’m just not sure who.

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