14 Free Winter Wallpapers for iPhone

Can you finally feel Christmas in the air? The winter season typically signals the beginning of the holidays and it gets everyone feeling excited and giddy! Aside from the usual Christmas shopping for presents and stocking stuffers, people are also preparing for what to cook for Christmas Eve. A beautiful holiday spread on Christmas Day while snow is falling outside just sounds so good! Others also look forward to drinking warm eggnogs during this cold season and munching on some gingerbread men.

To add to the holiday vibes, some people also change up their iPhone wallpapers so they get reminded of this jolly season whenever they open their phone. A visual reminder of what this holiday season has to offer can certainly warm up your heart. If you’re looking for some amazing winter wallpapers for your iPhone or a jolly Christmas reminder, here are some great options that you can download and use for free!

Winter on the Road

Cozy Home Holiday

Christmas Baubles

Road Tram on Winter

Snowflake with Bokeh

Blurred Christmas Tree and Lights

Red Baubles for Christmas

Magical Christmas Time

Little Snowman

Let It Snow

Red House with Christmas Tree

Vibrant Gold Baubles

Merry Christmas Drawn Snowflakes

Christmas Tree Leaves


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