FML Official App Lights Up iPhone FML

“I went on a date with a guy significantly older than myself. I told him I really liked him because I can have an intelligent conversation with him, unlike most guys my age. He told me he just wanted to get into my pants. FML”

The “FML Official” App, by Alkeo, is the only application developed by the “Fmylife Team” giving the user access to all of the hysterical website’s functions for free!

For any unaware of “FML” it is a collection of posts by people who have gone through a ridiculous, painful, or immoral calamity and each one of their stories ends the same way: FML (a.ka. F* My Life).

This application is the real deal and makes the ransition from the website to the iPhone seamlessly. Simply fire her up and read all of the most recent hilarity; Immediately below each post is an option to vote on whether the person’s story merits: “I agree, your life sucks; or a “You totally deserved It.”

Collect favorite stories, and see random, or categorized quips from the “FML” App. “Today I woke up with a hangover. Besides a stolen TV, someone seemingly decided to take a dump in my piano. FML.”

The “FML” application also allows for easy uploading of one’s own precarious “FML” moments, or smart comments to ease the uploader’s pain or twist the dagger in their wounds. One can also share every funny “FML” posts on Facebook, Twitter and email. FML.

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

RJ Huneke

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  1. Nice, I hope all those sites start getting the aps soon. I’d like ones for and too.