Fingerzilla App Causes Catastrophic Fun

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Godzilla fans rejoice, as the awesome destructive power of the classic monster is currently free on the iPhone!

The “Fingerzilla” application takes the player’s thumb and puts it to good use…destroying cities, property, vehicles and various people.

For a limited time the “Fingerzilla” App is free to download in the App Store where it is currently the Number One Most Downloaded Free Game! Watch as a Sim City-looking cityscape fills the iPhone’s screen in the game, and as the time ticks away Fingerzilla, the player’s thumb, must do as much damage as is humanly (or monsterly) possible.

Simply press the thumb onto the buildings to level them. Hit the big skyscrapers and power plant towers multiple time to raze them to the ground and get the most points before time runs out. Cars and trucks will continue to drive bye, but the cop cars will quickly grow as they follow Fingerzilla’s trail.

Wiping out the homes, buildings and trees will cause the surviving people to flee from within the toppled pieces and run amuck to try and escape. The all-powerful Fingerzilla, with his Godzilla-like roar, can then snatch up and eat any of the lawyers, bankers and bosses that scurry about.

When the damage becomes significant news helicopters will fly toward the fiery scene, and Fingerzilla can then knock them from the sky, like annoying gnats reaping the points. Catastrophe in the “Fingerzilla” App is simple, fictional and could not be more fun.

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: B+

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