Download the “missing” iPhone ringtone – FREE

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If you’ve ever listened closely to the iPhone Ads (most of them anyway) you’ve probably heard a curious sounding ringtone. It’s curious because its not one of the default ringtone options on your iPhone.

Interestingly, any of you who have iLife ’08 do actually have this ringtone – you just don’t know it yet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You can find the sound file right here (source TUAW):

/Library/Audio/Apple Loops/Apple/iLife Sound Effects/Work – Home/Cell Phone Ringing.aif

Now, if you wanted to, you could go into Garageband, and export the clip as a ringtone for your iPhone…and you’re certainly welcome to do that.

BUT – if you want to save yourself some time, you can just click here and download the ringtone for free.

Just double click on the file after it unzips and it’ll pop up in iTunes. Sync your phone and – BOOM – done.


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3 thoughts on “Download the “missing” iPhone ringtone – FREE

  1. thats nice of you michael, but quite frankly… i don’t feel this specific ringtone is quite worth all the trouble, or any trouble at all, actually ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Michael, that was easy, helpful, and appreciated. Maybe some would think not worth the trouble, but since it was not trouble,…. Thanks.

  3. thanks man my i talked my dad into getting a iphone but he cannt here any of his ringtones this one he will here if you have any ideas for loud rigtone please let me know and thanks agin your friend soncal32

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