Do We Have an iPhone 6C Leak?

iphone 6c leak

Rumors of an iPhone 6 with a 4-inch screen have been going around, but they didn’t really have much to stand on.

Now, new photos of a supposedly iPhone 6C leak have surfaced, and while we don’t exactly know just how real these photos are, they do provide some interesting points to consider.

The first of photos from Future Supplier shows the rear of the iPhone 6C, together with the iPhone 5C for comparison.

iphone 6c leak

…and we’re back to plastic!

The rear of this iPhone 6C leak shows one major difference: the elongated camera flash. It also seems that the iPhone 6C’s camera lens is aligned with the shell, getting rid of the small, but annoying, bump.

Taking a look at the supposed iPhone 6C from another angle, we see more details.

iphone 6c leak

The iPhone 6C has two rows of speaker holes – a total of eight, left of the connector. The mic also has two rows of holes – a total of six.

My take – whether or not this leak is for real, the plastic casing has never appealed to me, and probably never will. Not to mention this horrendous color.

What are the chances that this iPhone 6C leak is real? Share your thoughts with us.

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  1. I hope the leak is real. My iPhone 5c is awesome. I love the feel and look, it’s fast, and it feels solid. Love it!

    I also hope the iPhone 6c has updated chips and camera but the size and shape stays the same.

    I’d upgrade to the 6c immediately and get white again. Best iPhone ever!