Could NBC be coming to the iPhone/iPod Touch, via Hulu?

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Yesterday hear that NBC is interested in getting back into iTunes, but are hesitant because digital downloads hurt their business (unless they’re with Amazon, of course, then its ok).

There is some interesting news coming down the wire today, though, that the multi-networked may be going mobile soon. If so, its highly likely that a version of the site will be made available to iPhone/iPod Touch users effectively bringing NBC shows back to at least some Apple products without iTunes having to be involved.

Personally, I can’t wait for a mobile version of Hulu, and I sincerely hope that it is iPhone/iPod Touch compatible, because it has quickly become one of my most constantly visited sites. Most days while I’m working I have a hulu show open in another window. I have last night’s episode of ‘The Office’ open right now(which I just reviewed on TVJab if you’re interested).

I hope to see this soon…but what do you think? Are their hurdles that hulu is going to have to overcome to be on the iPhone/iPod Touch? If they do launch it…will you watch?

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3 thoughts on “Could NBC be coming to the iPhone/iPod Touch, via Hulu?

  1. Hulu could use the SDK to build an application just like the YouTube app for the iPhone, that would be great!
    I wish that NBC would come back to iTunes but I guess I could deal with this.

  2. Hulu uses Flash so it would be interesting to see them work that into the iPhone without using Flash, Silverlight, or something similar.

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