Cingular Says iPhone coming June 11th

cNet is reporting that a Cingular customer service rep has given them the date of June 11th, 2007 as the official release date of the iPhone. If this is true, then I hope it says something about what Apple intends to do with the iPhone as it relates to developers.

June 11th is also important because it is the first day of WWDC 2007.

Is it just me, or if the iPhone is being closed off to most developers as everyone continually reports (despite the fact that Steve Jobs said 3rd Party Developers would be allowed to develop for the device) – wouldn’t releasing it at WWDC be kind of a slap in the face?

If this date is true, does it indicate that, perhaps, Steve Jobs really DID mean it when he said Apple doesn’t have to develop ever Application for the iPhone – or is a Cingular Customer Service Manager just blowing smoke up our butts?

Apple Gazette Team
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