Breathtaking Photos of Antarctica Taken With an iPhone

antarctica iphone photos

The quality of the iPhone’s camera has always been a selling point, I think especially for people like me who don’t really have that photographic touch. With the camera and all the filters available, anyone can be a “photographer” these days; but there’s photography and there’s photography.

See that image there?

New Zealand-born photographer John Bozinov launched a project using an iPhone to take photos of Antarctica, a place we all know as astoundingly beautiful but can only dream of visiting. Through the lens of Bozinov’s iPhone, we get to see more of this gorgeous place.

While it’s not like we haven’t seen tons of documentaries and photos of Antarctica, the fact that Bozinov’s camera of choice is the iPhone’s makes his work stand out.

Here are some of my favorite images from his Instagram feed.

A photo posted by john bozinov (@johnbozinov) on

sometimes standing on top of the world means going to the very bottom

A photo posted by john bozinov (@johnbozinov) on

humpback whale breaching the surface ? //

A photo posted by john bozinov (@johnbozinov) on

crabeater seals resting on melting pack ice in paradise harbour. although they’re only found in antarctica, crabeaters are the most abundant seal species on our planet. seeing these guys float past our ship on icebergs such as this was almost a daily occurrence ?? //

A photo posted by john bozinov (@johnbozinov) on

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