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iphonebook1.pngIf you’re into the whole iPhone hacking thing, there is a new application that you can download called – this application allows you to, you guessed it, read ebooks on your iPhone.

I have to say, this is one of those apps that could easily be web based. I’m not into hacking my $600 Phone, and I don’t really recommend it to anyone, but if you really want to, you can find it here.

I mainly posted this because I’m hoping to spark one of your imaginations into creating a web-based ebook application for the iPhone. I recently wanted to read Peter and Wendy, the original Peter Pan novel, and, since the the full text is public domain, I simply downloaded it, formatted it to fit the iPhone, and uploaded it to a private server. It works perfectly…I just don’t have time to start an iPhone based ebook business…so…one of you…get after it.



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  1. Howdy! I created the app because I’m often in areas where I don’t get service, and the web, obviously, isn’t much help there.

    However, I take your point, and there are many web sites which do what you’re looking for. I highly recommend, for instance.

    Thanks for the publicity! 🙂